About Sebigas

SEBIGAS was established in 2008 as an enterprise focusing on the design & engineering, construction, maintenance and management of biogas plants. SEBIGAS claims a solid expertise in the biogas sector with a portfolio of over 80 biogas plants located all over the world.

About what I did

In this project my main role was the front-end development of the website.
Sebigas provided me the mockup of the website via zeplin.io. Which was a great alternative to use (usually I work with sketch or illustrator for this process).
We decided to base this project on WordPress since it was a great mix to provide a well structured corporate website and at the same time the tools to manage a great blog.
The languages most used in the process of development were of course PHP and javascript (in particular jQuery).
To realize some functionalities of the website (for the Download and Events section) I used two specific plugins. Then I customized their functionality with specific PHP in the child theme.